How to Support Kzmaster Entertainment

A lot of people have asked me how they can go about supporting or what they can do to help grow the company. Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can go about supporting the company.

These aren’t limited to financial contributions, there also offer free alternatives that are just as helpful. If you don’t wish to perform a step, feel free to skip it. Every little bit matters and helps significantly!

(**This list will constantly be updating as new content and platforms become established and grow/age.)

“Thank you for Your Support!”

4 Steps To Help The Company Grow

Step One: Become a Club Member!

Subscribe to become a Club Member for only 9.99/mo

Joining the Kzmaster Entertainment club is the best way to help the company grow and produce more quality content for all of its members to enjoy. Memberships can be purchased on and all members receive benefits such as Access to the Club Discord for Creators, Subscribing to the Kzmaster Entertinment LLC newsletter, Digital Graphic Novel of “Zach Cooner: The Line Starts Here”, Credit in all published projects, Exclusive WIP updates, priority requesting for videos, blogs, podcasts, and participation in monthly polls!

Alternative: Can’t become a Club Member? Sign up for the Newsletter Instead!

If you can not become a club member, the next best thing you can do is subscribe to the Kzmaster Entertainment LLC 2020 Newsletter. This Newsletter is all about keeping others informed, provided with resources, and up-to-date on the happenings and opportunities with the company. Signing up for the newsletter allows me to build a distribution list in which I can tailor products and materials specifically for those who would benefit from them. Plus, you get “Zach Cooner: The Line Starts Here” completely free!

Step Two: Follow the Company Social Medias

Here you’ll find all the places the company is located online, and following these platforms would be a huge help.

Interacting with posts, liking, sharing, etc., spreads the influence of the company and allows it to reach those who would benefit from its content and services the most!

Alternative: Don’t have Social Media? Comment on posts here!

If one doesn’t have social media, the next best thing they can do is comment on the content already here to keep the site lively and engaged, which helps with Google’s SEO. I respond to all email and comments, so please enjoy the content offered and interact.

Step Three: Help Grow the Podcast!

Kreative Kings is an animated comedy/education podcast that I run weekly. It is dedicated to providing creatives with education, resources, and connections to other creators so that they may be come successful in their goals and dreams. The best way to help the company podcast is by doing the following, in order:

  • Subscribe to the Kzmaster Entertainment Youtube channel where the podcast is hosted. Like and Comment on Episodes you enjoy.
  • Rate the show 5 stars on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Spotify. This boosts the Podcasts’s influence and places it ahead on search engines. The better the engagement, the more creatives that can be helped!
  • Share an episode or short on your favorite social media platform.
  • Recommend the podcast to anyone you feel would benefit from it.

Step Four: Write a 5 star Review on the Company Google Business Page

Review My Business on Google

Credibility and Trust goes a long way when it comes to reaching out to and providing aid for others. Having others to vouch for the company to confirm that it is indeed there to help, not hurt, others helps a great deal! For the review, what the company offers is education, resources, and entertainment. Feel free to write about any or all.

Thank you all so much for your support for the company! It is greatly appreciated and I vow to continue doing what I can to help others succeed!