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  • What I learned from being on the TFTuesday Podcast
    Went on a podcast to discuss my business and strategies – it went awful. Here’s what I learned from the experience.
  • “I Don’t Feel Like It”
    “I don’t feel like it” is a common trend when it comes to creators. How can you get past the creators block? Come find out!
  • Understanding Your Strengths
    Understanding your strenghts and weaknesses as a creator/performer is critical to your success, come learn about it!
  • Time Blocking, Productivity, And You
    In this blog, I will explain why that is a misconception and what you can be doing to be extremely productive with your platform while also working a metaphorical 9 to 5 for stable income.
  • 2022 Your SMART Goals and Mine
    It’s time to get your Goals figured out using SMART Goals. Here’s my New Years Resolutions!
  • Happy New Year! 2022
    Happy New Year everyone! With last year behind us it’s time to focus on what’s coming and our goals we want to accomplish. A blog on the upcoming New Years Resolutions is coming, until then, get out and go celebrate!
  • Tools to Help You with Social Media
    Two of the common mantras echoed on this site are “Don’t have AAA dreams on a 0 dollar budget” and “Work smarter, not harder”. I’d feel remiss if, after all this talk on how to set up your platform, I...
  • Starting from Zero: How to Build Your Platform (Part IV)
    Branding and You! What is branding and how can it be utilized to develop your platform? Come find out!
  • Starting from Zero: How to build Your Platform (Part III)
    A Marketing Plan is the lifeblood of doing business and developing a platform, but many don’t know how. Come learn the basics!
  • How to Support Kzmaster Entertainment
    A basic step-by-step guide on how you can help the company grow with your support, no cash required!