Greetings all!

My name is Kellen Zanders and I’m an educator and business developer located in the cornbread state of Des Moines, Iowa. I’m a graduate from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (2017), obtaining a degree in Comic Art and Illustration with a Creative Writing minor. Afterwards I worked and served as an Americorps member from (2018-2020) working with non-profit organizations such as Hip-Hope Inc and with colleges like Des Moines Area Community College as a College Enrollment Specialist and Web/Graphic Designer. I obtained my Masters in Software Engineering from North Dakota State University (2021), along with certification as a PC Technician through DMACC, and worked for Mediacom Cable Company as a Software Tools and Monitoring Developer before leaving to run my business Kzmaster Entertainment LLC 2020.

I’m the author/artist/creator of the graphic novel “Zach Cooner: The Line Starts Here” and co-writer of “Tales of Eldaria: The Rise of Arkillon’s Phoenix: Legacy” .

My skillsets:

Writing Video CreationPodcasting
3D ModelingVirtual Reality RiggingMotion Graphics
Comic IllustrationProgrammingScreenwriting
Graphic DesignGame DevelopmentSuper Smash Bros 😉
Fine ArtBreakdancingTeaching
AnimationMartial ArtsInvesting

About This Site

My passion is educating others who have creative visions and hopes to do what they love for a living – be it music, art, film, writing, game development, dancing, baking, etc., – and my goal is to give them the support, education, and resources they need so that they can go out and have the opportunity to make their dreams a reality. The goal of this website is to create a platform in which other creatives or curious prospects can view, read, and network so that they can learn from my teachings/experiences, gain confidence or courage in themselves and their visions, and go out to achieve success!

I specialize in “Edutainment”, combining Entertainment and Education to effectively teach others. On this site I keep things family-friendly so that all ages can participate and have fun while learning to do what they love for a living.

I’ll also soon be running a bi-weekly animated podcast that will be posted here that will go into more depth about the topics discussed and be having discussions with other creatives to learn their insights and experiences.

About King

King was created to be the Mascot of Kzmaster Entertainment LLC 2020. The embodiment of honor, integrity, professionalism, and leadership. I chose a husky for representation for a multitude of reasons:

  • Their well known black ‘jacket’ fur pattern, which meshed well when it came to a standard business suit.
  • Their heterochromatic eye colors which can be blue/brown. I found this unique due to the otherwise monochromatic color scheme a black and white husky would otherwise have, especially when I’d be putting the character in a black and white business suit and saw an opportunity to build a brand out of it. It was unique enough to stand out and be memorable while also being symbolic of the duality of the character – King contains both sides of creativity and business.
  • Huskies are family-friendly and raising one is similar to raising a child. I wanted a mascot that gives people a sense of friendliness and not something that others would second-guess when it came to trust and goodwill, which is what a large part of what I want to build when building a support network for creatives.

My goal of my business is to help others. I don’t need or want my face plastered on ads and billboards all over towns and TV, nor do I need my name in shining lights. My goal is to build others up and put them in positions to be successful to achieve their dreams, not put my own self-interest above others. I want my work to be able to live on with or without me and part of that is having an avatar that will outlive me so long as the idea that others deserve to accomplish their dreams remains alive!